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The Box

The Box Magazine serves the vast — and growing — population of CrossFitters. It educates new practitioners about CrossFit’s benefits, motivates existing members of the CrossFit community and advocates for the sport of CrossFit.

From training to nutrition, we aim to offer tools all readers can use to improve their CrossFit experience, including illustrating proper form on classic CrossFit exercises, from burpees to thrusters; explaining the importance of grip strength — and then instructing how to increase it; and outlining the health- and performance-boosting effects of various critical nutrients.

By including a Workout of the Month in every issue — and then encouraging readers to post their scores online — offering advanced training regimens for CF experts and reviews of necessary training gear, we keep even highly experienced CrossFit athletes working hard to improve their scores.

In promoting CrossFit-related events around the country, following competitors through the Regionals in their quest to qualify for the Finals in the CrossFit Games, and allowing box owners to share their successes and challenges, we do our utmost to support the sport and its athletes. is the site to visit for all the latest news about the movers and shakers in the burgeoning CrossFit industry, upcoming competitions, workouts and nutrition, as well as gear, videos and Web-exclusive blogs by people in the know. Discover the exciting sport of CrossFit and explore every corner of “the box,” where CrossFitters train, via this online resource and complement to The Box Magazine.


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