Look here for beautiful, high-quality traditional or unique period decorating products for your house, from nickel bathroom accessories to Arts and Crafts carpets, fireplace tiles, and heart-pine floors. The reproduction market that has emerged from three decades of old-house restoration has now intersected with architects’ return to the classics and designers’ interest in parts and furnishings of true quality.

Design Sourcebook

Design Sourcebook

This well-organized compendium of period-inspired and traditional design products is a must-have for the old-house enthusiast. Published annually, it includes company information as well as interior and exterior products for the restored old home.

Historic Home Show and Designer Craftsmen Show

Historic Home Show and Designer Craftsmen Show

The Designer Craftsmen Show
The Designer Craftsmen Show celebrates the most time honored American craftsmen in the nation, featuring the highest quality in fine art, traditional crafts, contemporary folk art, museum quality replicas, original artworks and fine furniture reproductions.

The Historic Home Show
The event for anyone who wants to learn about, restore, renovate, decorate, or care for old houses and preserve our architectural history. This show is an invaluable tool for both professionals and homeowners!


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