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Urban Climber Magazine

Urban Climber exists to inspire people to climb, to seek new challenges, and to learn about the great diversity of mountain sports. We strive to be thoughtful, inclusive, and unswervingly authentic. We look out for the long-term vitality of our sport and our community by providing leadership, inspiration, and information concerning all aspects of the climbing experience, from bouldering to rock climbing to alpine mountaineering.

Urban Climber Magazine
Leaders of the Vertical World
The leading magazine covering younger climbers, the fastest-growing segment of the sport, Urban Climber reflects the passion and adrenaline of its readership with its sharp voice, innovative photography, and unbridled joy. Full of action-oriented images and stories from hot spots across North America, the magazine is equally at home in rock gyms, at sport crags, and in the increasingly popular bouldering areas being developed worldwide.
This family of sites supports and advances the mission of the magazines with a range of web-only features and tools. Known for its breaking-news coverage, multimedia reports from expeditions around the globe, and community forums, is the leading magazine website in the climbing market. brings a forward design that features interviews, slideshows, and reader photos, while has created a YouTube for climbers looking to share videos from their latest adventures.

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Andrew Tower

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