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Nowadays, it seems like everyone and his little brother is making video. Buy a DSLR and download Final Cut Pro, and—voilà!—you’re a director. Right?

Wrong. It takes a lot more experience to craft powerful stories that drive deep, meaningful engagement. It takes hard-won expertise to edit film for any audience from YouTube to network TV. And it requires a lot more back end to deliver it through multiple platforms and events to millions passionate customers in 85 countries.

If you want creative storytelling, technical excellence, and audience reach, AIM Studios is your answer for everything from short-form web video to high-concept advertising creative to custom content partnerships. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, we own a state-of-the-art production facility with 6 edit suites, a high-end audio recording studio, a green-screen studio, and multiple camera and lighting packages.

We are a full-service shop, dedicated to providing our partners, clients, and customers unrivaled productions, promotion, and distribution.

For more information please visit the AIM STUDIOS website.