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Horse&Rider encompasses everything today’s active, Western rider craves to live his or her best horse life, on all media platforms. It serves as the guide to Today’s Western Horse Life and provides the training, trail-riding, horse-care, equine-travel, and Western-heritage content horse owners crave—–all in one place.

Horse&Rider readers seek new ways and products to enhance their horse-owning way of life. Their Western tack, gear, and apparel identify their immersion in the Western lifestyle, and their horses exemplify their dedication to high-quality horse care and commitment to riding. H&R provides this actively horse-owning audience useful training articles, practical stable-management techniques, hands-on health-care advice, safe trail-riding practices, informative equine-industry reports, behind-the-scenes looks at equine events, entertaining travel and profile features, and Western heritage content via print, video, and online outlets.

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