Black Belt Shop

The Black Belt Shop

Since 1961, Black Belt has been the world's leading voice in martial arts media. Because we take pride in our martial arts books and DVDs, we work side by side with the most knowledgeable teachers and historians to create the definitive guides to a variety of traditional and eclectic disciplines, including kung fu, karate, jeet kune do, reality-based self-defense, grappling, and the mixed martial arts. In our store, you'll find the revolutionary works of Bruce Lee, lifesaving lessons from Sgt. Jim Wagner, the secret scrolls of ninja master Stephen K. Hayes, and much more.

Along with our own products, we offer our favorite books and martial arts DVDs from outside the Black Belt family. Want to train like a UFC champion? Check out the Randy Couture Fighting Series. Have you ever dreamed of studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu under the art's founder? We recommend Gracie Jiu-Jitsu by the legendary Helio Gracie.

Whether you're just beginning your martial arts journey or have ascended to its highest level, we believe that our martial arts store will provide you with the tools to unlock your true potential. is the market leader in bringing together buyers, sellers, and breeders of horses. Since 1995, our business has been focused on uniting people whose common love for horses fuels a $25 billion-a-year industry. Our Web marketplace adds tremendous value to the horse industry by providing a unique set of marketing tools to facilitate every horse enthusiast's dream—whether it's finding the perfect horse or finding the perfect home for a horse. Combine this with listings for equestrian products, trailers, and real estate, and it's clear why is known as the premier horse classifieds service on the Internet. offers the largest selection of horse books and DVDs online. Whatever your riding discipline or level of experience, you will find to be the best source for all the latest books and DVDs, all with special discounts for online orders.

Yoga Journal Store

Yoga Journal Store

Yoga Journal products are about transformation. Our books, back issues, and videos will help you lead a more balanced and nourishing life. Whether you are just starting out or are advanced in your home practice, the Yoga Journal shop has yoga DVDs for every level of practitioner.

Our unique collection of yoga videos was designed so that students of all ages and skill levels could experience the benefits of yoga. With over 35 years as the nation's most trusted yoga authority, Yoga Journal has produced a collection of DVDs that reflect its unparalleled experience. Our catalog presents insightful instruction, in the safe and accessible manner that lies at the heart of the Yoga Journal brand.

The home-practice yoga DVDs will teach you new poses and sequences that will help you take your yoga off the mat and bring it into your daily life. Our therapeutic yoga DVDs will help you feel better in your body and discover freedom from anxiety well as chronic aches and pains. Finally, connecting with world-renowned teachers in our live yoga DVD series will help you achieve a deeper relationship to your own home practice and make your days richer, calmer, and more spiritually rewarding.

Wake up to greater health and fitness with Yoga Journal's yoga DVDs, books, videos, calendars and back issues!