Video Content Program

Through creative, authoritative video content, AIM Marketing Services provided the legacy woodworking brand Titebond a new way to showcase its wide variety of products.

Titebond – When to Use an Alternative Titebond Glue

Titebond – Learn How to Use Titebond Instant Bond Glue as a Finish

Titebond – Spreading Glue

Titebond – Clean Up Strategies


Trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike, Titebond is the maker of the Original Wood Glue as well as dozens of other innovative woodworking glues, construction adhesives, caulks, sealants, and flooring products. Titebond approached AIM Marketing Services to create a collection of videos showcasing their line of woodworking glues for a targeted audience of hobbyists and DIYers of all skill levels.


With a roster of highly trusted woodworking personalities on their team, AIM Marketing Services was perfectly poised to plan and execute a collection of videos that would not only showcase the product, but do so with authority. AIM Marketing Services was able to tap on-staff experts who have the experience, background, and loyal audience to bolster the videos with expertise and trustworthiness. To complete the campaign, the videos will be put into an email and social media marketing program with two of AIM’s largest woodworking brands.


Within in a month of signing the contract, Titebond had a video proposal in their hands. Within another month, AIM Marketing Services had orchestrated the creation of 16 new videos, all of which dramatically expand Titebond’s capabilities to market their variety of products to a targeted audience. Titebond has seen so much success with the video program that they have completed three sets of videos with AIM Marketing Services.