Marketing Services

Find and nurture new customers with our media special ops team
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Catapult’s mission is simple: We exist to facilitate dynamic customer conversations. To achieve your marketing goals, we’ll co-curate targeted messaging and tap the experts and technology of our parent company, Active Interest Media. We’ll also engage AIM’s audience – millions of highly-engaged enthusiasts who trust our brands for travel, health, home, and product advice. Creative, credible, and connected – our team leverages unrivaled capabilities and reach for your brand. Visit Catapult’s website to learn more.

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Where will you find tomorrow’s customers? How will you recruit them and expand your list? Is your outreach optimized for high conversion, and are you ready to exploit a new market? If you’re asking these questions, our lead generation experts can help. For years, our Qualified Buyer Program has been connecting house, horse, and boat manufacturers with prospects who fit their criteria. Harness our data-mining tools to spot new customers, then push co-developed content to pull them into your orbit. We can support you with sophisticated prospecting campaigns that employ our magazines, websites, and events – plus custom content, marketing automation, and web tracking.